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Liner Pool - Blockwork

A flat level reinforced concrete base, approx 300mm thick is preferred. Hollow concrete blocks are then built onto this base, with reinforcing rods passing through the hollow sections of the blocks. Concrete is then poured into the block cavities, providing an extremely durable concrete structure.

A smooth render is then applied to the inside of the structure.

The pool is then finished with a factory made PVC liner or a deluxe on site lining system. This provides the waterproofing to the structure.

The factory made liner has a life of approx. 7 – 10 years. The water temperature should not be allowed to exceed 30 degrees C for this type of liner. This type of liner is not recommended for commercial installations.

The on site lining system carries a 10 year guarantee and should last approx. 15 years. The water temperature on this type of liner can be up to 35 degrees C, making it suitable for hydrotherapy and commercial applications.

Whilst designing your pool, whichever type you choose, it is worth giving careful consideration to the underwater lighting. This greatly enhances any pool. We can offer a number of possibilities, from standard lighting to colour changing LED systems.

The structural portion of this type of project is suitable for a standard builder to undertake. However, the lining of the pool should be carried out by a pool specialist.

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A flat, reinforced concrete base is prepared, approx 300mm thick. Pool walls are formed using concrete blocks. A smooth render is applied to walls and floor. Optional, pit for automatic pool cover Walls and floor are prepared for lining with foam underlay. Line pool with either standard factory made liner or on site deluxe liner. On site deluxe liner. Fit pool cover, if applicable. Optional design motifs can be added. Finished product.
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